LEDioc HB α

Quality light, truer colour
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LEDioc HB α

New to the LEDioc High Bay lineup from EYE Lighting, LEDioc HB α is a range of lightweight and highly efficient luminaires, boasting efficiency of up to 140lm/W.

Resistant to vibration, and suitable for use in ambient temperatures of up to 50 ℃ , the IP65 rated LEDioc HB α offers an ideal high-bay solution for commercial and industrial facilities.

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ies files

  • EHWP07003M (LEDioc HB α 80 / medium beam)
  • EHWP07003W (LEDioc HB α 80 / wide beam)
  • EHWP10003M (LEDioc HB α 100 / medium beam)
  • EHWP10003W (LEDioc HB α 100 / wide beam)
  • EHWP15003M (LEDioc HB α 150 / medium beam)
  • EHWP15003W (LEDioc HB α 150 / wide beam)
  • EHWP21003M (LEDioc HB α 200 / medium beam)
  • EHWP21003W (LEDioc HB α 200 / wide beam)
  • EHWP32003M (LEDioc HB α 300 / medium beam)
  • EHWP32003W (LEDioc HB α 300 / wide beam)

    *Please note: The product information leaflet in the pdf file is due to be updated in the near future.