LEDioc Lamp B33

Quality light, truer colour
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LEDioc Lamp B33

A truly ‘lamp-like’ light:

LEDioc Lamp B33 (33W) is the updated, next-generation version of the LEDioc Lamp B30 range of premium-quality LED retrofit lamps.

Available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K versions, the compact and beautifully designed lamp offers exceptionally uniform distribution, producing a truly ‘lamp-like’ light.
With its unique design and high output, the E27 base LEDioc Lamp B33 offers a powerful and attractive light source with which to modernise and refresh existing luminaires; one example being as an ideal means of incorporating LED into antique or heritage luminaires.

LEDioc Lamp B33 should be run on a suitable LED driver meeting the following specifications:

Output Current: 0.5A
Output Voltage: 70 – 100V (max. not to exceed 100V)